Tube Access is specialized in the distribution and promotion of tubes and accessories for domestic and industrial use. Our range extends from standards products to more specific products, used in medical applications, petrochemical industry, manufacturing of heat system and air conditioning.

Our expertise and experience guarantee you a continuing efficiency.

About us

Tube Access is a growing company that has managed in a few years to position itself among the undisputed leaders in the Belgian market.

Our product range is made up of more than 250,000 items, available in less than 24 hours throughout Belgium.

We distribute copper tubes, steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, electro galvanized tubes, PVC tubes, PP tubes, galvanized steel tubes, multi-layered tubes in roller or length, as well as all types of fittings and accessories for sanitary, heating, air conditioning, compressed air and gas.

Our high quality and certified to Belgian standards products are selected from among the leading European brands recognized worldwide.

Our mission

Tube Access is renowned for its dynamism and professionalism, it allows to guarantee an impeccable service and thanks to the efficiency of our sales people who ensure the necessary proximity with our customers and partners.

Tube Access has an extensive network of retail stores, which, combined with its operational skills, allow it to position itself as a key player on the BENELUX.

Promote and propose advanced hydraulic solutions capable of simplifying the complexity of installations and reducing energy consumption.

Our vision

We work with trusted and reliable partners to ensure everyone’s satisfaction.

With a targeted approach and distribution tailored to market needs, Tube Access is expanding constantly on a permanent basis.

As part of this growth strategy, our sales network will continue to play a vital role.

Our vision is to make life more comfortable for our customers and our customers' customers thanks to our ability to be continually innovative.

Tube Access numbers

satisfied customers
Because we engage ourselves 100%.
More then
250 000
product references
3 millions
meters sold
every year.

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